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Vladi Lumina

Charter Member

Vladi Lumina
He is graduate in Sociology, he works in family companies and specializes in asset management and real estate finance. He worked for a few years on renewable energy, especially wind and photovoltaics.
For over a decade he has dedicated himself to the religious world collaborating, in various purpose, with various dioceses and religious bodies that he has assisted in real estate transactions, in the analysis of real estate funds and financial transactions. As president of the Social Redemption House Onlus, the Compagnia di San Paolo supported the pontifical delegates in the implementation of the institution’s reorganization policies. He currently works as an advisor, in some departments of the Holy See, for the enhancement of some real estate initiatives and in fundraising for the recovery of the religious artistic heritage, through the granting of advertising space. Member of the Pontifical Commission for the health activities of the public juridical persons of the church. In the context of the activities carried out with various religious institution, he deals with asset management, funds and real estate finance, fundraising, organizational and governance models, enhancing the heritage of religious institution and trying to combine the specific needs of individual institutions with those of the market also to the light of the centrality of the ecclesiastical dimension understood as service to the person.
Speaker at numerous conferences, he has collaborated with financial magazines and published articles on the social dimension of economics and finance.